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About Mat Master

Family values and reliable service are at the heart of every job for Mat Master. We started as a family business and we continue to operate with the same values and quality my grandfather put in place. It’s about service, value, trust, reliability and conversation.

At Mat Master we provide dust control and linen services to our customers, keeping buildings and offices clean. Mat Master caters to all business sizes and wants to be there to help you create that clean first impression and keep your staff safe.

We take pride in always looking after our customers.

– Tyson Schwartz
(Owner) Mat Master

Why Choose Mat Master?

Did you know that 70% of all dust entering your building walks in through the door?

Did you also know that the average cost of removing one pound of dust from a building is $800, when you factor in labor, cleaning equipment, and time.

Dust reduces the value of your merchandise, inventory, equipment and building decor. It also reduces lighting intensity, heating and air conditioning efficiency, and can damage floors. Dust can increase allergies and introduce germs, increasing the amount of time that staff miss work due to illness.

Mat Facts

  • One 3×5 rental mat can easily collect 1.5 lbs of dirt per week.
  • Slip and fall accidents are becoming more commonplace with the new attractive flooring that is being used in many commercial applications.
  • Entrance matting can help keep floors clean and dry by absorbing moisture before it tracks deeper into the building.

A standard 3×5 rental mat can absorb about 8 liters of water. A Trackstar mat can absorb 12 liters of water. The water that gets trapped in the mat can contain all kinds of bacteria and other contaminates from the outside including ice melt and sand. Those items can be especially hard on the life of the entry mat but regular maintenance with a rental service ensures a high quality appearance when creating a clean first impression.

The moisture that get trapped in the entry mat may also create smells. A rental service not only removes all the contaminates from your location, but ensures that your mat remains fresh.

Benefits of mat service

Protect floors

  • Mats absorb 80% of the soil that would otherwise be tracked in on shoe soles.
  • Floors are protected from wear and tear in high traffic areas.
  • Floors are protected from spillage around drink machines, vending equipment and water fountains.

Save money

  • Less frequent floor cleaning is necessary.
  • Less stripping and waxing of floors is necessary.
  • Less vacuuming, shampooing and replacing of carpets.

Enhance Appearance

  • Your building becomes much more welcoming with a high quality entrance mat, making a clean first impression.
  • A regular scheduled mat service will ensure that your mats will always be clean and attractive.

Static Dissipative

  • Rental mats protect sensitive electronic equipment by absorbing static electricity in the nylon filaments. Mats that are not regularly laundered may lose some of these qualities.


  • Helps keep floors clean and dry.
  • Mats are more slip resistant than hard surface floors.
  • Controls spillage from produce counters, bars, vending machines or drink fountains where spills can cause accidents.

Anti Fatigue

  • Helps prevent tired feet at work stations.
  • Insulates against cold floors.
  • Improves productivity.