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Mat Service

Mat Master offers mat rentals without the hassle of contacts. All you’ll notice is a clean mat for the well-being of your customers and safety of your staff. Mat Master is proud to offer weekly or bi weekly service year round, it is our goal to always be there when you need us.

Even our standard mats are premium products. A 100% full gripping rubber back ensures your mat will lie flat and not move under your customers feet. Mat Master mats are made of a special nylon twist pile that works to trap dirt and moisture leaving your floor dry and dirt free.

Mat Master standard mats are available in charcoal grey, rustic brown and deep red. We understand your business is unique so we also offer a wide range of custom colours to match any interior.

The following chart shows Mat Master standard sizes and available colours.

Size Colors
2×3 G,B,R
3×4 G,B,R
3×5 G,B,R
3×6 G,B,R
3×8 G,B,R
3×10 G,B,R
3×12 G
3×15 G
3×20 G
4×6 G,B, R
4×8 G,B, R
4×10 Track G
4×12 G
4×16 G
4×20 G
5×6 G
5×12 Track G
6×8 G
6×12 G
6×15 G