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Paper Towels

Standard Hard wound towel. Hands free or electric.
Save money – Delivers a per-measured 11 inch towel to control usage and promote cost savings.
Save labour – This high-capacity dispenser accommodates roll towel and stub roll to save maintenance time.
Sanitary – No levers or buttons. Touch only your personal towel, thereby reducing cross-contamination.
Options – Choose from an electronic or manual operation or a hybrid combining both
Green Seal – 100% recycled towel, made in a process free of chlorine and other chemicals.

Available in
Kraft 6 rolls x 800ft
White 6 rolls x 800ft

Paper Towel

Saves Labour – Large roll means less changes for cleaning staff
Saves Money – Perforated towel controls usage and eliminates waste
Sanitary – Hands free towel system means no cross contamination
Green Choice – Towels are made from 100% recycled paper
100% paper – No glue is used in the manufacturing process (will not clog plumbing)

Available in
2 ply 6 rolls x 600ft
1 ply 6 rolls x 1000ft